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In May of 2006 GreenHeart Global founders Gary Barker and Larry Chernicoff were looking for an everyday, flagship product they could redesign that reflected both their concern for the environment as well as their design philosophy. They settled on redesigning the simple, ubiquitous dry cleaner hanger. One week later the Ditto Hanger was born. First launched in November of 2007, the Ditto Hanger was designed to replace the billions of plastic retail hangers landfilled every year. Ditto was incorporated in June of 2010 and certified as a B-Corp in January of 2011.

“At Ditto we design intelligent & sustainable retail display products for the modern, conscientious retailer. In short our products and solutions make customers feel good about doing business with our clients.”
Ditto now features a growing line of 100% sustainable hangers, signage, POP displays, packaging and accessory displays. Used by retailers in over 5,000 stores around the world, Ditto’s commitment to high quality, award winning design and proven environmental solutions elevate Ditto Hangers above any other hanger on the market. Our products enable companies to eliminate an enormous source of waste, use their retail platform to convey their environmental agendas to customers, while maintaining their existing basic business practices.

Ditto is now also being sold to consumers in the Container Store, Bed Bath & Beyond’s e-commerce site and on Amazon.com.

Visit Ditto Sustainable Brand Solution’s website at dittobrandsolutions.com