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Greenheart Global

GreenHeart Global, Inc. conceives, designs, manufactures, and markets products that meet the growing demand for goods that are less harmful to the environment. Our highly designed, innovative and award-winning products incorporate recycled, recyclable, rapidly renewable and/or bio-based materials and are reverse engineered to easily flow through established recycling systems. We replace toxic and non-sustainable materials with organic or natural alternatives, including inks, dyes, and adhesives.

Besides products, GreenHeart Global also offers companies their services to better understand and design systems that compliment their sustainability and green initiatives. GHG gives companies an operational, public relations, and environmental leg-up via product design, manufacturing, logistics and the store platform. Our solutions are noticeable and tactile to consumers, ultimately making for a more enjoyable shopping experience.

We are industry leaders in addressing an ecological catastrophe, a “planet in jeopardy,” (as our President stated in his inaugural address) by setting a new standard of design and manufacturing stewardship for some of the most ubiquitous products on the planet.

Clients include The Gap, the GAP Outlet, LL Bean, Adidas, O’Neill, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Container Store, Acorn and Nester.

Our Design

We bring high style to sustainable design and meaning to commodities. Winner of 4 international industrial design awards for eco-design, GreenHeart Global is redefining ecological product design for the 21st Century. We transform simple, sustainable materials in exciting new ways. Our projects are analyzed using our Design Cycle to best understand all aspects of the function, design, production, materials and end-of-life scenarios. We choose materials and manufacturing methods that are reasonable given the product's function, time of use and disposal. Our designers reverse design our products so they flow through established recycling and collection systems, wherever a product's use may be. We merge integrity of material with design to best bring out its intuitive and transparent nature resulting in a superior product the consumer can recognize.

Design Proposal

Design Cycle

The Process of Innovation



Product definition consumer identification marketing issues existing products review


Function parameters environment of use environ. of distribution lifecycle assessment end of life assessment marketing potentials


Ideation materials exploration presentation


Final design revision preliminary mechanicals dimensional drawings shop prototype


Materials recieved manufacturing recieved shipping options preliminary estimate


Manufacture prototype final mechicals/specs final estimate/shipping


Final revisions final mechanical/specs product production