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Greenheart Global is a very unique combination of award-winning designers, domestic and international operations veterans, devoted ecologists, and optimists who believe that the need for intelligent and sustainable solutions is now. We’re not confined by convention and always search for a new and better way to make things.


Gary Barker | founder / ceo


Gary Barker
“The world is rapidly shrinking. So are our resources. The need is now to create products that are less burdensome on the environment, that are engineered intelligently for use and reuse. We’re committed to just that at GreenHeart Global and Ditto. And I think we do it beautifully as well.”
Gary is founder of Greenheart Global and its creative design force. Gary’s considerable experience in industrial and graphic design projects include award winning design projects for Samsung and Sprint; multimedia work for National Geographic Society and Starbucks; industrial design work for Umbra, Ltd and the Lam Lee Group; illustrated books for Harry N. Abrams; and educational and design work for the California College of the Arts, The Academy of Arts University in San Francisco, UC Berkeley, Brown University, and UC San Francisco. Gary was awarded an Artist Fellowship from the Massachusetts Council on the Arts and Humanities for his 3-dimensional work and has served as National Advocacy Chair for the Graphic Artists Guild, was a director on the Guild’s National Executive Board and was on the Board of Directors for ICON4, the International Illustration Conference. Gary served on the MFA Review Board for the School of Computer Arts New Media at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco and served on the Executive Board for the Piedmont, CA Council for the Boy Scouts of America.


Michael Low | senior designer


Michael Low\
“Classically trained on the aesthetics of design I became increasingly interested in the connection between materials and life cycles of consumer and retail products. We must now design our products around the re-use and afterlife of the material as much as for the functionality and appearance.”
Michael brings innovative conceptual and practical design solutions, prototyping capabilities in all materials and methods, processing and materials research and development, as well as a vastly creative mind to Ditto Hangers. Michael’s education includes an Industrial Design degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, with an emphasis on product design and transportation. His previous experience includes market study, design research and conceptualizing process development for San Francisco’s Brandtangable


Kim Smit | business administrator

Kim Smit
Kim’s methodical nature, analytical mind, and diverse data management skills make her the perfect Business Administrator here at Ditto. She has worked for a number of public and private organizations, including the Oakland Unified School District in the Human Resources department. Her undergraduate degree in biology at UC Berkeley helped her to appreciate the delicate balance of ecology on the world stage. She feels fortunate to be working for a company committed to making an environmental difference.


Brian Fetzer | advocate

Brian Fetzer
“On college campuses across the country I'm taken with how thoroughly environmental practices have become a daily staple in the university lifestyle. Companies must respectfully embrace and apply this new generational belief in environmentalism. It is key to gain a competitive edge that in turn increases sales and customer loyalty.”
Contributing over 20 years in supply chain management, logistics and sales development, Brian is another significant contributor to the Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions team. Brian has developed and honed these business skills with such companies as Duty Free Shoppers and California Closets Corporate to name but a few. Ditto has helped Brian to combine his personal environmental and social responsibility practices with his professional work. The results are an enthusiastic, thorough and effective collaboration with Ditto and most importantly with our clients.


Ruth Whitlow | advocate

Ruth Whitlow
“By nature we are all consumers, and not necessarily in a bad way. But, have you ever considered what the opposite of “consumer” is? Maybe it’s “saver”. A nice word. Seems to fit. I really don’t mind being a consumer but I kind of like the tag of “saver” too. And that’s what really attracted me to Ditto. We really are taking bold steps to be “the opposite of consumer” here.”
Ruth brings a unique perspective to Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions. She has the wonderful knack of looking at things a bit differently. While others may see a discarded wooden palette, Ruth sees a beautiful table. In fact, she makes them. Before joining the Ditto team as an Advocate, Ruth transformed her woodshop into a small business and when time permits, she continues to design and build unique, contemporary furniture, utilizing an assortment of reclaimed materials. Ruth has had a life-long passion for nature and our natural resources and genuinely “gives back” whenever she can. And now, Ruth brings this passion and unique vision to Ditto Sustainable Brand Solutions.


Jasper Barker | office administrator / operations manager

Jasper Barker
Being a bay area native, I’ve always been environmentally conscientious. Studying Economics and Business Operations at Sacramento State inspired me to work for a company which focuses on sustainability and the environment. As Office Administrator and Operations ManagerI for Ditto I feel that I have reached those goals. I help run the office by managing the books and handling the supply of goods from the manufacturer to our customers from around the world. I really enjoy being a part of the green movement and feel like I have a front row seat here at Ditto. It is great to be growing along with the company as we sail into a new sustainable world.


Ricky Durwood | marketing intern

Ricky Durwood
Erica “Ricky” Durwood is Ditto’s Summer Marketing Intern. She brings her persistent follow up to marketing activities from presentations to events to social media. Ricky is a Dean's List Physics major at Occidental College in LA with an interest in green technology. She previously worked at Dominican University’s Venture Greenhouse, also as a general marketing intern. She volunteers for cat rescue organizations, practices martial arts and is an award winning photographer.